Is Religion A Crutch?

How often I have boasted, and listened to others boast, of an ability to see the world for what it is. But I am convinced I was never that strong — and, in all my life, I have met no person strong enough to look, unflinching, upon the full scope of horrors in this world for the space of a single, ghastly hour.

We all take refuge in distractions. If not religion, then politics, alcohol, entertainment, shopping, sugar, sex, etc. We’re all desperate to dull our consciences, and our consciousness of people like us in crisis; people we could help, if we were not such shamelessly self-serving beasts. The fact is, we accessorize with the flesh of the poor; what would put meat on their bones, puts rings on our fingers and ribbons in our hair.

If anything, religion, Christ, the saints, and other archetypes of sacrificial love, play the greatest role in bringing reality to mind. Perhaps that’s the true reason so many people despise them. After all, there are no atheist soup kitchens. I’m agnostic, but, I must confess, it seems to me that no alliance has done more charitable work in the world than the one we know as Christianity.


Belief In God

You ask if I believe in God. My friend, I do not even believe a soul on earth has power to believe in such a one. It seems to me, belief in God is something more mysterious, and more miraculous, than anyone has guessed. Supposing we could see The Face of God, we would only doubt our eyes; for there are smaller things by far than This — and, still, too great to be believed.

I thought I believed in miracles, but when at last I saw them, I disbelieved my eyes.

Anyone who says he believes in God, and does not fall into paroxysms of love at the mention of this name, lies.