Vicarious Salvation

What am I, in all of this? What difference — I? God is still good. Whether I stand or fall, God has the victory, and I, by my faith, have a measure in it. For, though I would grieve for my sin, and wrestle for my salvation, yet am I not aggrieved to see the eternal glory of God manifest in so many saints and goodly, simple folk. Why, then, should I be more afflicted by my own wretchedness than I am joyous for the sake of others, whom he has blessed? O, be not envious of those whom God has chosen, but rejoice to see them raised, — and so shall you be raised in a measure with them! Why concern yourself more with yourself, than with them? Truly, I see a righteous law at work in all things; so that, if I should stand, it is to his glory that I shall stand; or if to fall, again, shall he be glorified. Herein I find my peace; that good has triumphed, and must triumph for all time, simply by virtue of being good, and for no lesser reason. A Son of God crucified, reviled, and denied is still a Son of God, and Love, whether it be requited or scorned, is no less than it was. By this, we know the devil to be a liar; for evil can never win; lest it be confessed, and converted to good.


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